Introduction of the Industrial Design Engineering BSc Program

Training schedule(s) and duration of courses in semesters: regular training, full time, 7 semesters

Number of credits to collect to earn a degree: 210 credits

Field of training: technical

Level of qualification and professional qualification as indicated in the degree certificate:

  • level of qualification: bachelor – BSc
  • professional qualification: Industrial Design Engineer

Educational objective

The aim is to train industrial product and design engineers capable to design, manufacturing and distributing industrial products, particularly within an SME framework. Graduate industrial product and design engineers are technical specialists who are out-of-the-box thinkers and primarily design, manufacture and distribute durable consumer products and articles for personal use. In possession of their knowledge and skills of technology, aesthetics, humanities, and economics, they are able to carry out independent creative work in each phase of product development; they also know the innovation process of product development, as well as the material, organizational and human resources required for product development; and they are capable to manage product lifetime cycles. They are prepared to continue their studies at a master’s course.

Training program

The Industrial Design Engineering BSc (E) full training program is available on the following link >>

Curriculum and descriptions of the studied subjects

The Industrial Design Engineering BSc (E) curriculum is available on the following link.

For the detailed subject descriptions please check out the BSc (E) Industrial Design Engineer Sample curriculum chart: you can click on the subject’s name to see the detailed descriptions

Important note: For students who participate in the Erasmus program, they will need to pick up your courses in Autumn/Spring breakdown on the basis of the curriculum.

Optional specialties

Product design specialization (Interior-textile, fashion-accessories)

Students will gain a wide range of design knowledge about the methodology and practice of design and object creation within the mayor. With the versatile use of professional software, students become skilful in applying innovative designing tools and the latest raw material developments by gaining an environmentally conscious approach to design engineering.

Packaging design

Students become acquainted with the cultural and economic function of packaging, the materials, technologies, and machinery of printing and packaging technology, along with the environmentally conscious approach to packaging design.

Drawing Abilities Test

In order to assess the drawing skills, international students submit 1 PDF portfolio edited in a uniform format, which contains the following 3 topics:

  1. Geometric bodies: A freehand linear drawing about a group of geometric shapes after visual appearance. Size: A3; Technique: graphite pencil, charcoal, chalk, etc.
  2. Drapery study or Composition with drapery: A freehand tonal drawing about a group of objects and a drapery. Size: A3; Technique: graphite pencil, charcoal, chalk, etc.
  3. Freely chosen drawings or paintings or designs. These can be, for example, still life’s, landscapes, plant or animal studies made with any technique, and in any size. Here also can be included photos of already created products or creations, or blueprints corresponding to the chosen field of application.

new (F) curriculum:

new (F) Training Program:


Name of subjectNeptun codeCreditRequirementsFile
Art studiesRTXMT1BBNE3practice mark>>
Basics of ManagementGVXMA1QBNE3examination>>
CAD/CAM I.RTXCC1EBNE4practice mark>>
CAD/CAM II.RTECC1EBNE4practice mark>>
Colour theory and colorimetry I.RTXSZ1BBNE4practice mark>>
Consumer protectionRTXFV1BBNE2examination>>
Design (online)RTEDE1EBNE2practice mark>>
Design visualizationRTWMT1FBNE2practice mark>>
Discriptive geometryRTXAG1BBNE3practice mark>>
ECO Frendly Packaging MaterialsRMWKC1EBNE2practice mark>>
ElectrotechnicsRKXEL1EBNE4practice mark>>
Engineering legal basicsRTXMJ1BBNE2examination>>
Enterprise Economics (blended)GSEVG2QBNE4examination>>
Environmental protection (blended)RTXSK2EBNE4practice mark>>
Environmental StudiesRKXKT1ABNE3examination>>
ErgonomicsRTXER1BBNE3practice mark>>
Form design I.RTXFO1BBNE3practice mark>>
Form design II.RTXFO2BBNE4practice mark>>
Freehand drawing I.RTXSR1BBNE3practice mark>>
Freehand drawing II.RTXSR2BBNE3practice mark>>
Informatics I.RMEIN1ABNE4practice mark>>
Informatics II.RMXIE2KBNE4practice mark>>
Integrated management systemsRMWIM1EBNE3practice mark>>
Integrated product design I.RTXTT1EBNE5practice mark>>
Integrated product design II. (interior and fashion)RTXTT1EBNE5practice mark>>
Integrated product design II. (packaging)RTWIT2PBNE5practice mark>>
Integrated product design III. (interior and fashion)RTETT1EBNE5practice mark>>
Integrated product design III. (packaging)RTXTC2EBNE6examination>>
Interior and fashion design I.RTXEO1EBNE4practice mark>>
Interior and fashion design II.RTXEO2EBNE4examination>>
Knowledge of textiles and constructionRTXAK1EBNE4practice mark>>
Machine elementsRKEGS1ABNE4practice mark>>
Machines of industrial technologies I. (blended)RTXIT1EBNE3practice mark>>
Machines of industrial technologies II. (blended)RTXIT1EBNE3examination>>
MacroeconomicsGGXKG1EBNE2practice mark>>
Marketing and tradeRTXMK2EBNE3practice mark>>
Material knowledge of paper packagingRMWPA1EBNE4practice mark>>
Mathematics I.NMXAN1EBNE6examination>>
Mathematics II.RKXMA2ABNE6examination>>
Methodology of product designRTXTM2EBNE3practice mark>>
MicroeconomicsGGXKG2EBNE2practice mark>>
ModellingRTXMO1BBNE3practice mark>>
Packaging and Paper Technology I.RMWPT1EBNE2practice mark>>
Packaging and Paper Technology II.RMWPT2EBNE4examination>>
Packaging and Paper Technology III.RMWPT3EBNE4practice mark>>
Packaging design I.RMWCT1EBNE4practice mark>>
Packaging design II.RMWCT2EBNE4examination>>
Physics I.RKXFI1ABNE3practice mark>>
Physics II.RKXFI2ABNE3examination>>
Projectmanagement (blended)RMEPR1KBNE3examination>>
ProjectworkRTPPM1IBNE4practice mark>>
Structures of materials I.RMXAT1BBNE5practice mark>>
Structures of materials II.RMXAT2BBNE5examination>>
Technical drawing and documentationRKXMR1EBNE4practice mark>>
Technical mechanicsRKXME1EBNE5practice mark>>
Technology of specialization I.RTWST1IBNE2practice mark>>
Technology of specialization II.RTWST2IBNE4examination>>
Technology of specialization III.RTWST3IBNE4practice mark>>
Visual communicationRTXVK1EBNE4practice mark>>